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Distinguished Alumni Awards

Created by the Volume 89 Board of Editors, the Distinguished Alumni Awards are granted each year by the current Board of Editors at the annual spring banquet. This is an opportunity for the MLR community to recognize peers who have made extraordinary contributions to the legal profession and to society at large.

Minnesota Law Review Volume 108 is now accepting nominations for the 2023-24 Distinguished Alumni Awards, which will be presented at the Annual Law Review Banquet this Spring.

We ask Law Review alumni to nominate MLR peers who they believe should be considered for this award either via this form or via email at


Nominations submitted via email should contain:

Your name
Nominee’s name
Volumes the nominee participated in publishing
100 words discussing why you believe the nominee should be honored
Nominations will be considered on a rolling basis. As soon as a decision is made, the nominator and nominee will be notified.

Speakers and special guests at MLR’s 2022-23 Law Review Banquet, including, second from the left, Chris Schmitter (Vol. 97), recipient of the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Past Recipients

2023 Award Recipient

  • Chris Schmitter (Vol. 97)

2020 Award Recipient

  • Gregory Brooker

2019 Award Recipients

  • Nancy Brasel

2018 Award Recipients

  • Amy Bergquist ’07 (Vol. 91)
  • Barry Feld ’69 (Vol. 53)

2017 Award Recipients

  • Nicole A. Saharsky ’02 (Vols. 85–86)
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Natalie E. Hudson ’82 (Vol. 65)

2016 Award Recipients

  • David Potter
  • Professor Grant Nelson

2015 Award Recipient

  • Mark Traynor

2014 Award Recipients

  • Tom Cranna
  • Brad Keil

2013 Award Recipients

  • The Honorable Donald Alsop
  • John Gould

2012 Award Recipients

  • Cheryl Heilman (Vols. 64–65)
  • Joseph M. Price (Vols. 55–56)

2011 Award Recipients

  • Allen I. Saeks (Vols. 38–39)
  • James D. Steiner (Vols. 55–56)

2010 Award Recipients

  • Ralph Strangis (Vols. 42–43)
  • Lee R. Mitau (Vols. 55–56)

2009 Award Recipients

  • Philip S. Garon (Vol. 55–56)
  • Ronald J. Schutz (Vol. 65)

2008 Award Recipients

  • The Honorable Diana Murphy
  • The Honorable David Doty

2007 Award Recipients

  • The Honorable Myron Bright
  • Sam Kaplan
  • John Mooty

2006 Award Recipients

  • James T. Hale
  • Robert A. Stein
  • The Honorable John R. Tunheim

2005 Award Recipients

  • The Honorable William C. Canby, Jr.
  • Stanley Efron
  • Professor Joyce A. Hughes
  • Richard G. Lareau
  • Vice President Walter F. Mondale