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Fall 2022 Symposium

The Fall 2022 Symposium, Leaving Langdell Behind: Reimagining Legal Education for a New Era will be held on Friday, October 7, in-person at Walter F. Mondale Hall, 229 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455! More Information for the Fall 2022 Symposium is coming soon. Please check out our archive for previous Minnesota Law Review symposia.

The current planned schedule and speakers are available here.

Registration will become available closer to the event. Please contact the Symposium Articles Editor, Joshua Gutzmann, at for questions.


Symposium Proposals

Each Volume’s symposium is selected in mid to late November of the prior year (e.g., the Fall 2023 Symposium will be selected in late fall 2022). Groups of 2L staffers propose symposium topics that will still be both novel and timely, and, after presentations by each group, the topic is selected by a full vote of the staffers.

Outside individuals are welcome to submit topic proposals to the current Volume’s Symposium Articles Editor, and a group of staffers may select to present that proposal at the annual meeting. Proposals that are most likely to be chosen to present will include:

(1) a short summary of the symposium topic;

(2) a summary of several topics for panels/sessions; and

(3) the names and brief biographies of the keynote speakers, panelists, etc. who would ideally participate in the symposium.