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Volume 105 - Issue 6

Reclaiming the Long History of the “Irrelevant” Nineteenth Amendment for Gender Equality

By Tracy Thomas. Full Text. The Nineteenth Amendment has been called an “irrelevant” amendment. The women’s suffrage amendment has been deemed insignificant as a constitutional authority, reduced to a historical footnote. In the Supreme Court canon, it has been diminished as a text that “merely gives the vote to women.” With the accomplishment of that…

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Glass Ceilings, Glass Walls: Intersections in Legal Gender Equality and Voting Rights One Hundred Years After the Nineteenth Amendment

Symposium Foreword by Jessica Szuminski. Full Text. The Nineteenth Amendment was a milestone for women’s rights but has often been criticized for being passed at the expense of people of color. Though a significant milestone, the Nineteenth Amendment was certainly not an endpoint for equality for women and in voting rights. In the one hundred…

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