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Volume 90 - Issue 5

Note: Increasing E-Quality in Rural America: U.S. Spectrum Policy and Adverse Possession

By Lindsey L. Tonsager. Full text here. The United States is undergoing a communications revolution. Analog services are replacing digital, and broadband and mobile telephones are replacing dial-up and line lines. Businesses, educational institutions, consumers, and the public safety community increasingly rely on cheaper, faster, and always-on communications services that allow them to transmit voice, video,…

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Note: Determining a Corporation's Principal Place of Business: A Uniform Approach to Diversity Jurisdiction

By Lindsey D. Saunders. Full text here. For purposes of federal diversity jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1332, a corporation is a citizen of both its state of incorporation and the state where it has its principal place of business. In adopting that provision, Congress provided very little guidance to the federal courts as to the method…

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Note: Embracing Equity: A New Remedy for Wrongful Health Insurance Denials

By E. Daniel Robinson. Full text here. Through benefit decisions, health insurance companies have the power to refuse treatment to insured persons. Individuals harmed by denials that are unjustified or violate the insurance contract may have no recourse. The federal Employee Retirment Income Secuirty Act (ERISA) governs all health insurance plans provided through employers. With ERISA,…

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