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Volume 98 - Issue 5

Trilogy Redux: Using Arbitration to Rebuild the Labor Movement

By Ann C. Hodges. Full text here. The Supreme Court is in the midst of a revolution in arbitration jurisprudence comparable to that reflected in the Steel-workers Trilogy in 1960. While the Trilogy was hailed as a major accomplishment in labor relations, the current revolution is devastating the rights of nonunion workers and consumers. The Court’s…

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“Easy In, Easy Out”: A Future for U.S. Workplace Representation

By Samuel Estreicher. Full text here. This paper proposes an amendment to our basic labor laws that I call “easy in, easy out.” Essentially, representation elections—secret-ballot votes to decide whether employees want union representation and whether they want to be represented by the particular petitioning labor organization(s)—in relatively broad units, would, over time, become automatic. Every…

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