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Volume 99 - Issue 5

What Are We Hoping For? Defining Purpose in Deterrence-Based Correctional Programs

By Cecelia Klingele. Full text here. One of the most popular program models in criminal justice today is that popularized by Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE). HOPE and other programs like it grow out of research suggesting that the most effective way to prevent violations of conditions of supervision is to more accurately detect them,…

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Substituting Effective Community Supervision for Incarceration

By Mark A.R. Kleiman. Full text here. Community supervision systems—chiefly probation and parole—handle many more offenders than do the prisons and the jails. Typically, offenders subject to community supervision face only unsystematic attempts to monitor their compliance with probation or parole conditions, and are subject to sporadic and delayed, but occasionally severe, sanctions for non-compliance: a…

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