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Volume 108 - Issue 6

A Place of Their Own: Crowds in the New Market for Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding was designed as an alternative regime to traditional securities regulation to help small businesses access capital. One problem with this new regime is that crowdfunding rules ignore the special characteristics of crowds. Crowds rely on group heuristics like the “wisdom of the crowd” and are subject to group inefficiencies like information cascades. Treating crowdfunding like traditional fundraising ignores how crowds behave…

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Improving Technology Neutrality Through Compulsory Licensing

Brad Greenberg’s article, Rethinking Technology Neutrality, challenges a fundamental premise of the current Copyright Act. The Act takes a technology neutral approach to defining the scope of copyright protection. Under the Act, old and new technologies should receive equal treatment with regard to copyright liability as a way to future-proof copyright law and prevent too-frequent…

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