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Vol. 101 Print Issues


Federalism and Moral Disagreement, by Guido Calabresi & Eric S. Fish here

Truth and Lies in the Workplace: Employer Speech and the First Amendment, by Helen Norton here

The Law of the Platform, by Orly Lobel here

Knowledge Goods and Nation-States, by Daniel J. Hemel & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette here

Tie Votes in the Supreme Court, by Justin Pidot here

Note: Guardians of Your Galaxy S7: Encryption Backdoors and the First Amendment, by Allen Cook Barr here

Note: Tweeting the Police: Balancing Free Speech and Decency on Government-Sponsored Social Media Pages, by Alysha L. Bohanon here

Note: Toward Definition, Not Discord: Why Congress Should Amend the Family and Medical Leave Act To Preclude Individual Liability for Supervisors, by Taylor C. Stippel here


On the Sociology of Patenting, by Dan L. Burk here

Drawing Lines Among the Persecuted, by Kate Evans here

Policing Criminal Justice Data, by Wayne A. Logan & Andrew Guthrie Ferguson here

Reproduction Reconceived, by Courtney Megan Cahill here

Inherent National Sovereignty Constitutionalism: An Original Understanding of the U.S. Constitution, by Robert J. Kaczorowski here

Note: Payments on Debt After Discharge: When a Discharge Is Not Really a Discharge and the Limits of Taxpayer Recourse, by Robert C. Gallup here

Note: Of Mosquitoes, Adolescents, and Reproductive Rights: Public Health and Reproductive Risks in a Genomic Age, by Luke Haqq here

Note: Big Enough To Matter: Whether Statistical Significance or Practical Significance Should Be the Test for Title VII Disparate Impact Claims, by Elliot Ko here


Misclassification and Antidiscrimination: An Empirical Analysis, by Charlotte S. Alexander here

The Death of the Firm, by June Carbone & Nancy Levit here

Cracking the Code: An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Bankruptcy Outcomes, by Sara S. Greene, Parina Patel & Katherine Porter here

The Substantially Impaired Sex: Uncovering the Gendered Nature of Disability Discrimination, by Jennifer Bennett Shinall here

The Value of the Standard, by Norman V. Siebrasse & Thomas F. Cotter here

Note: Getting Back to Basics: Recognizing and Understanding the Swing Voter on the Supreme Court of the United States, by Kristin M. McGaver here

Note: Embracing Ambiguity and Adopting Propriety: Using Comparative Law To Explore Avenues for Protecting the LGBT Population Under Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, by Charles Barrera Moore here

Note: Copyrighted Laws: Enabling and Preserving Access to Incorporated Private Standards, by James M. Sweeney here


Board and Shareholder Power, Revisited, by Simone M. Sepe here

Coverage Information in Insurance Law, by Daniel Schwarcz here

What Legal Authority Does the Fed Need During a Financial Crisis?, by Eric A. Posner here

The Geography of Equal Protection, by Christopher R. Leslie here

The Luxembourg Effect: Patent Boxes and the Limits of International Cooperation, by Lilian V. Faulhaber here

Note: Economic Protectionism and Occupational Licensing Reform, by Gerald S. Kerska here

Note: Providing Clarity for Standard of Conduct for Directors Within Benefit Corporations: Requiring Priority of a Specific Public Benefit, by Roxanne Thorelli here


Foreword: Balancing First Amendment Rights with an Inclusive Environment on Public University Campuses, by Gerald S. Kerska here

The Free Speech Rights of University Students, by Mary-Rose Papandrea here

Campus Speech and Harassment, by Alexander Tsesis here

Four Ironies of Campus Climate, by Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic here

A Close-up, Modern Look at First Amendment Academic Freedom Rights of Public College Students and Faculty, by Vikram David Amar & Alan E. Brownstein here

Free Speech, Higher Education, and the PC Narrative, by Heidi Kitrosser here

Academic Freedom To Deny the Truth: Beyond the Holocaust, by Robert M. O’Neil here

Note: Affirmative Action: The Constitutional Approach to Ending Sex Disparities on Corporate Boards, by Julia Glen here


A Conversation Between U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Professor Robert A. Stein, transcript here

Civil Rules Interpretive Theory, by Lumen N. Mulligan and Glen Staszewski here

Toward a Critical Race Theory of Evidence, by Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose here

Regulating Cumulative Risk, by Sanne H. Knudsen here

The Consequences of Disparate Policing: Evaluating Stop and Frisk as a Modality of Urban Policing, by Aziz Z. Huq here

SIRI-OUSLY 2.0: What Artificial Intelligence Reveals About the First Amendment, by Toni M. Massaro, Helen Norton, and Margot E. Kaminski here

Note: Stranger than Science Fiction: The Rise of A.I. Interrogation in the Dawn of Autonomous Robots and the Need for an Additional Protocol to the U.N. Convention Against Torture, by Amanda McAllister here