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Vol. 103 Print Issues


Remembrance of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by Ruth Bader Ginsburg here

Remembrance of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by Margaret H. Chutich here

Remembrance of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by Michael J. Melloy here

Remembrance of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by Rubén Castillo here

Remembrance of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by Johnathan Lebdeoff here

The Eighth Circuit Gender Fairness Task Force: A Master Class from Judge Diana Murphy in Organizational Leadership, by Celeste F. Bremer here

A Tribute to Brave Pioneering: Judge Diana Murphy and the Eighth Circuit Gender Fairness Task Force: 1993–1997, by Janice M. Symchych here

Judge Murphy’s Indian Law Legacy, by Kirsten Matoy Carlson here

Torgerson’s Twilight: The Antidiscrimination Jurisprudence of Judge Diana E. Murphy, by David Schraub here

The Trouble with Counting: Cutting Through the Rhetoric of Red Tape Cutting, by Jodi L. Short here

Campaigns, Inc., by Robert Yablon here

The Legal Implications of the MeToo Movement, by Elizabeth C. Tippett here

Assessing Risk Assessment in Action, by Megan Stevenson here

Note:  Late for an Appointment: Balancing Impartiality and Accountability in the IRS Office of Appeals, by David Hahn here

Note: Licensing Liability: Responding to Judicial Expansion of Antitrust Enforcement in North Carolina Dental, by Lesley E. Roe here

Note: Recognizing Transgender, Intersex, and Nonbinary People in Healthcare Antidiscrimination Law, by Derek Waller here


Neuromarks, by Mark Bartholomew here

Too-Big-to-Fail Shareholders, by Yesha Yadav here

Arbitration Conflicts, by David L. Noll here

The Pregnancy Penalty, by Jennifer Bennett Shinall here

Criminal Enforcement Redundancy: Oversight of Decisions Not to Prosecute, by Darryl K. Brown here

Restructuring the Elementary and Secondary Education Act’s Approach to Equity, by Kimberly Jenkins Robinson here

Note: Superfund and Tort Common Law: Why Courts Should Adopt a Contemporary Analytical Framework for Divisibility of Harm, by Joshua M. Greenberg here

Note: The Ghost of Salary Past: Why Salary History Inquiries Perpetuate the Gender Pay Gap and Should be Ousted as a Factor Other than Sex, by Torie Abbott Watkins here

Note: Coerced into Health: Workplace Wellness Programs and Their Threat to Genetic Privacy, by Julia Wolfe here 


The Duty of Data Security, by Wiliam McGeveran here

Sanctuary Networks, by Rose Cuison Villazor and Pratheepan Gulasekaram here

Graffiti, Speech and Crime, by Jenny E. Carroll here

Environmental Standards, Thresholds, and the Next Battleground of Climate Change Regulations, by Kimberly M. Castle and Richard L. Revesz here

The Games They Will Play: Tax Games, Roadblocks, and Glitches Under the 2017 Tax Legislation, by David Kamin, David Gamage, Ari Glogower, Rebecca Kysar, Darien Shanske, Reuven Avi- Yonah, Lily Batchelder, J. Clifton Fleming, Daniel Hemel, Mitchell Kane, David Miller, Daniel Shaviro, & Manoj Viswanathan here

Note: Venerunt, Viderunt, Vicerunt Venue: How TC Heartland and In re Cray Have Conquered Patent Venue for Corporate Defendants and How Congress Can Balance the Scales of Patent Venue Justice, by Peter Estall here

Note: When Added Hurdles Cause Actual Prejudice: Exempting Knowing-Use-of-Perjured-Testimony Claims from Brecht Analysis on Collateral Review, by Melanie A. Johnson here

Note: The Last Judicial Frontier: The Fight for Recognition and Legitimacy of Tribal Courts, by Robert J. Wild here


Shareholder Democracy and Special Interest Governance, by John H. Matheson and Vilena Nicolet here

Testing Periods and Outcome Determination in Criminal Cases, by Fiona Doherty here

The Sound and Fury of Patent Activity, by Robin C. Feldman and Mark A. Lemley here

Regime Congruence: Rethinking the Scope of State Responsibility for Transboundary Environmental Harm, by Maria L. Banda here

Congress’s Agency Coordination, by Bijal Shah here

Note: Material Breach, Material Disclosure, by Tash Bottum here


The Hidden Power of Compliance, by Stavros Gadinis and Amelia Miazad here

Small Debts, Big Burdens, by Chrystin Ondersma here

An Empirical Examination of Agency Statutory Interpretation, by Amy Semet here

Religious Exemptions and LGBTQ Child Welfare, by Jordan Blair Woods here


Improving Consumer Protection: Lessons from the 2008 Recession, by Martha Coakley & Alicia Daniel here

Constitutionalizing Consumer Financial Protection: The Case for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, by Hosea H. Harvey here

Inside Job: The Assault on the Structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, by Patricia A. McCoy here

The “Too Big to Fail” Problem, by Saule T. Omarova here

Halo from the Other Side: An Empirical Study of District Court Findings of Willful Infringement and Enhanced Damages Post-Halo, by Veena Tripathi here