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Vol. 105 Print Issues


Fun with Reverse Ejusdem Generis, by Jay Wexler here

Restoring ALJ Independence, by Richard E. Levy & Robert L. Glicksman here

No Privilege to Pollute: Expanding the Crime-Fraud Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege, by Tom Lininger here

Parental Autonomy over Prenatal End-of-Life Decisions, By Greer Donley here

Core Criminal Procedure, by Steven Arrigg Koh here

Transactional Scripts in Contract Stacks, by Shaanan Cohney & David A. Hoffman here

Note: The Advent of Effortless Expression: An Examination of the Copyrightability of BCI-Encoded Brain Signals, by Jonathan Baker here

Note: Minnesota’s Digital Divide: How Minnesota Can Replicate the Rural Electrification Act to Deliver Rural Broadband, by Abby Oakland here

Note: Behind the Binary Bars: A Critique of Prison Placement Policies for Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Prisoners, by Jessica Szuminski here


Eligible Subject Matter at the Patent Office: An Empirical Study of the Influence of Alice on Patent Examiners and Patent Applicants, by Jay P. Kesan and Runhua Wang here. 

The Arbitration Rules: Procedural Rulemaking by Arbitration Providers, by David Horton here. 

Rethinking the Conflicts Revolution in Personal Jurisdiction, by Jesse M. Cross here. 

Ways of Price Making and the Challenge of Market Governance in U.S. Energy Law, by William Boyd here. 

The New Law of Gender Nonconformity, by Naomi Schoenbaum here.

Evidentiary Irony and the Incomplete Rule of Completeness: A Proposal to Amend Federal Rule of Evidence 106, by Daniel J. Capra and Liesa L. Richter here. 

Note: Standing Up to Bad Patents: Allowing Non-Infringing Direct Competitors to Satisfy the Article III Standing Requirements Appealing an Adverse Inter Partes Review Decision to the Federal Circuit, by Ryan Fitzgerald here. 

Note: The Critical Need for State Regulation of Assisted Living Facilities: Defining “Critical Incidents,” Implementing Staff Training, and Requiring Disclosure of Facility Data, by Lexi Pitz here. 

Note: Siting Natural Gas Pipelines Post-PennEast: The New Power of State-Held Conservation Easements, by Zach Wright here. 


Facial Recognition and the Fourth Amendment, by Andrew Guthrie Ferguson here.

The Paradox of Exclusive State-Court Jurisdiction Over Federal Claims, by Thomas B. Bennett here. 

Presidential Law, by Shalev Roisman here.

Random Selection for Scaling Standards, by Michael Abramowicz here. 

Imagining the Progressive Prosecutor, by Benjamin Levin here. 

Note: How a New Standard of Care Can Make Social Media Companies Better “Good Samaritans”, by Jenna Hensel here. 

Note: LIBOR: The World’s Most Important Headache, by Alec Foote Mitchell here. 

Note: Moving Beyond Reflexive Chevron Deference: A Way Forward for Asylum Seekers Basing Claims on Membership in a Particular Social Group, by Seiko Shastri here.


Distributional Arguments, in Reverse, by Alex Raskolnivoc here.

Law Enforcement’s Lochner, by Miriam H. Baer here.

Catalyzing Privacy Law, by Anupam Chander, Margot E. Kaminski, and William McGeveran here.

On Sacred Land, by Khaled A. Beydoun here.

Utility-Expanding Fair Use, by Jacob Victor here.

Note: Standing Up to the Treasury: Applying the Procedural Standing Analysis to Post-Mayo, Pre-Enforcement APA Treasury Challenges, by Casey N. Epstein here.

Note: Embedded Deception: How the FTC’s Recent Interpretation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Missed the Mark, by Olivia Levinson here.

Note: Suing the Aiders and Abettors of Torture: Reviving the Torture Victim Protection Act, by Ryan Plasencia here.


The Hidden Rules of a Modest Antitrust, by Ramsi A. Woodcock here.

Equalizing Parental Leave, by Deborah A. Widiss here.

Subverting Title IX, by Emily Suski here.

Disability Admin: The Invisible Costs of Being Disabled, by Elizabeth F. Emens here.

Reengineering Financial Market Infrastructure, by David A. Wishnick here.

Note: Somebody’s Tracking Me: Applying Use Restrictions to Facial Recognition Tracking, by Matthew E. Cavanaugh here.

Note: Using Community Benefits to Bridge the Divide Between Minnesota’s Nonprofit Hospitals and Their Communities, by Meredith Gingold here.

Note: Whose Data Anyway? The Inconsistent and Prejudicial Application of Ascertainability in Data Privacy Class Actions, by Nathan Webster here.


Symposium Foreword: Glass Ceilings, Glass Walls: Intersections in Legal Gender Equality and Voting Rights One Hundred Years After the Nineteenth Amendment, by Jessica Szuminski here.

Voting is a Universal Language: Ensuring the Franchise for the Growing Language Minority Community in Minnesota, by Terry Ao Minnis here.

Reclaiming the Long History of the “Irrelevant” Nineteenth Amendment for Gender Equality, by Tracy Thomas here.

The Nineteenth Amendment as a Generative Tool for Defeating LGBT Religious Exemptions, by Kyle C. Velte here.

105: Special Joint Issue

George Floyd’s Legacy: Reforming, Relating, and Rethinking Through Chauvin’s Conviction and Appeal Under a Felony-Murder Doctrine Long-Weaponized Against People of Color, by Greg Egan here.

The $2 Billion-Plus Price of Injustice: A Methodological Map for Police Reform in the George Floyd Era, by David Schultz here.

Refunding the Community: What Defunding MPD Means and Why It Is Urgent and Realistic, by JLI Vol. 39 Editorial Board here.

Reassessing the Judicial Empathy Debate: How Empathy Can Distort and Improve Criminal Sentencing, by Warren Cormack here.

This is Minnesota: An Analysis of Disparities in Black Student Enrollment at the University of Minnesota Law School and the Effects of Systemic Barriers to Black Representation in the Law, by Maleah Riley-Brown, Samia Osman, Justice C. Shannon, Yemaya Hanna, Brandie Burris, Tony Sanchez, & Joshua Cottle here.

Entrenched Racial Hierarchy: Educational Inequality from the Cradle to the LSAT, by Kevin Woodson here.

Correction of Monumental Judicial Malpractice: The Case for Clearing Secessionist and Slaveholding Symbols of “Justice” from the Courthouse, by Michael J. Pastrick here.

Educational Adequacy Challenges: The Impact on Minnesota Charter Schools, by Wendy Baudoin here.

The Human Journey Toward Justice: Reflections in the Wake of the Murder of George Floyd from a Community of Practictioners, by Dr. Raj Sethuraju here.

The Seven (at least) Lessons of the Myon Burrell Case, by Leslie E. Redmond & Mark Osler here.