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Vol. 108 Print Issues


Civil Rights Liability for Bad Hiring, by Nancy Leong here.

An Organizational Theory of International Technology Transfer, by Peter Lee here.

Bringing Courts into Global Governance in a Climate-Disrupted World Order, by Karen C. Sokol here.

Regulating History, by Sara C. Bronin and Leslie R. Irwin here.

The Federal Reserve’s Mandate by David T. Zaring and Jeffery Y. Zhang here.

Hello World? Domestic Software Patent Protection Stands Alone Due to Uncertain Subject Matter Eligibility Jurisprudence by Maxwell H. Terry here.

Help Me Sue a Gun Manufacturer: A State Legislator’s Guide to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and the Predicate Exception by Evan Dale here.

From Powell to Present: Defining the Right to Counsel Beyond Rothgery by Amy M. Cohen here.


The Virtuous Executive by Alan Z. Rozenshtein here.

Banking Deserts, Structural Racism, and Merger Law by Christopher R. Leslie here.

Just Extracurriculars? by Emily Gold Waldman here.

The Algorithmic Explainability “Bait and Switch” by Boris Babic and I. Glenn Cohen here.

Physicians Spreading Medical Misinformation: The Uneasy Case for Regulation by Richard S. Saver here.

Banishing Federal Overstep: Why Protecting Tribal Sovereignty Justifies a Narrow Reading of the Indian Civil Rights Act by Randa Larsen here.

Sidestepping the Escherian Stairwell: Explicit Establishment as a Method for Circumventing Qualified Immunity’s Constitutional Stagnation by Earl Y. Lin here.

The Press Clause Needs Teeth: The Case for Strengthening Constitutional Press Protections as Protests by Ryan Liston here.


Can the Excessive Fines Clause Mitigate the LFO Crisis? An Assessment of the Caselaw by Michael O’Hear here.

Subjective Costs of Tax Compliance by Jonathan H. Choi and Ariel Jurow Kleiman here.

Making Whole, Making Better, and Accommodating Resilience by Erik Encarnacion here.

The Roberts Court and the Unraveling of Labor Law by Courtlyn G. Roser-Jones here.

Multi-Parent Custody by Jessica Feinberg here.

Throuples and Family Law by Philip de Sa e Silva here.

Americon Dream: Social Pressures and Lackluster Regulation Allow Multi-Level Marketing Companies to Function as De Facto Pyramid Schemes by Lindsay R. Maher here.

In Defense of Pickering: When a Public Employee’s Social Media Speech, Particularly Political Speech, Conflicts with Their Employer’s Public Service by Abby Ward here.