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Vol. 91 Print Issues


Lecture: The Future of the Legal Profession, by Robert A. Stein here

Tribute: Continuing the Path to Excellence: University of Minnesota Law School Dean Alex M. Johnson, Jr., by Edward S. Adams here

Juveniles’ Competence to Exercise Miranda Rights: An Empirical Study of Policy and Practice, by Barry C. Feld here

The Anticompetitive Effects of Underenforced Invalid Patents, by Christopher R. Leslie here

Third-Party Copyright Liability After Grokster, by Alfred C. Yen here

Note: “Don’t Read This If It’s Not For You”: The Legal Inadequacies of Modern Approaches to E-mail Privacy, by Joshua L. Colburn here


Permissive Rules of Professional Conduct, by Bruce A. Green and Fred C. Zacharias here

In Defense of Redistribution Through Private Law, by Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir here

The Jurisdictional Heritage of the Grand Jury Clause, by Roger A Fairfax, Jr. here

Terms of Use, by Mark A. Lemley here

Note: Evaluating the Integraty of Biotechnology Research Tools: Merck v. Integra and the Scope of 35 U.S.C. § 271(e)(1), by Michael R. Mischnick here


Citizen Journalism and the Reporter’s Privilege, by Mary-Rose Papandrea here

Crossing the Color Line: Racial Migration and the One-Drop Rule, 1600-1860, by Daniel J. Sharfstein here

A Simple Statutory Solution to Minority Oppression in the Closely Held Business, by John H. Matheson and R. Kevin Maler here

Parental Support of Adult Children with Disabilities, by Sande L. Buhai here

Sex Torts, by Deana A. Pollard here

Essay: Revisiting Dreyfus: A More Complete Account of a Trial by Mathematics, by D.H. Kaye here

Note: Protecting Communities from Unwarranted Environmental Risks: A NEPA Solution for ICCTA Preemption, by Shata L. Stucky here


Rewriting Rule 68: Realizing the Benefits of the Federal Settlement Rule by Injecting Certainty into Offers of Judgment, by Danielle M. Shelton here

The Perfect Storm of Retirement Insecurity: Fixing the Three-Legged Stool of Social Security, Pensions, and Personal Savings, by Stephen F. Befort here

Can Our Culture Be Saved? The Future of Digital Archiving, by Diane Leenheer Zimmerman here

Note: The Executive Reports, We Decide: The Constitutionality of an Executive Branch Question and Report Period, by Alex Hontos here

Note: An Unacceptable Exception: The Ramifications of Physician Immunity from Medical Procedure Patent Infringement Liability, by Emily C. Melvin here

Note: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: How Current Approaches to Guns and Domestic Violence Fail to Save Women’s Lives, by Jennifer L. Vainik here


“Macro-Transparency” as Structural Directive: A Look at the NSA Surveillance Controversy, by Heidi Kitrosser here

The Death of FISA, by William C. Banks here

The Untold Story of al Qaeda’s Administrative Law Dilemmas, by Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar here

Immigration Reform, National Security After September 11, and the Future of North American Integration, by Kevin R. Johnson and Bernard Trujillo here

The Preventive Paradigm and the Perils of Ad Hoc Balancing, by Jules Lobel here

The Political Constitution of Emergency Powers: Some Lessons from Hamdan, by Mark Tushnet here

An Anti-Authoritarian Constitution? Four Notes, by Patrick O. Gudridge here

Hamdan and Common Article 3: Did the Supreme Court Get It Right? by Fionnuala Ní Aoláin here

Congress, the Supreme Court, and Enemy Combatants: How Lawmakers Buoyed Judicial Supremacy by Placing Limits on Federal Court Jurisdiction, by Neal Devins here

Note: Clear Support or Cause for Suspicion? A Critique of Collective Scienter in Securities Litigation, by Kevin M. O’Riordan here


Immigration Law and the Regulation of Marriage, by Kerry Abrams here

Why Supreme Court Justices Should Ride Circuit Again, by David R. Stras here

The Scientific Study of Judicial Activism, by Frank B. Cross and Stefanie A. Lindquist here

When Judges Lie (and When They Should), by Paul Butler here

Concordance and Conflict in Intuitions of Justice, by Paul H. Robinson and Robert Kurzban here

Note: From Deference to Restraint: Using the Chevron Framework to Evaluate Presidential Signing Statements, by David C. Jenson here