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Vol. 92 Print Issues


The Bill of Rights in the Early State Courts, by Jason Mazzone here

Punitive Damages and Valuing Harm, by Alexandra B. Klass here

Integrating Investment Treaty Conflict and Dispute Systems Design, by Susan D. Franck here

Note: To Fix or Not to Fix: Copyright’s Fixation Requirement and the Rights of Theoretical Collaborators, by Carrie Ryan Gallia here


State Habeas Relief for Federal Extrajudicial Detainees, by Todd E. Pettys here

Beyond Liability: Rewarding Effective Gatekeepers, by Lawrence A. Cunningham here

Judicial Interpretation in the Cost-Benefit Crucible, by Jonathan R. Siegel here

A New Vision of Public Enforcement, by Michael Waterstone here

Note: No Free Parking: Obtaining Relief from Trademark-Infringing Domain Name Parking, by Elizabeth M. Flanagan here

Note: How the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality Has Created a Gap in Environmental Protection at the 49th Parallel, by João C. J. G. de Medeiros here


Exchange: The Behavioral Economics of Consumer Contracts, by Oren Bar-Gill here


The Legacy of Bryan v. Itasca County: How an Erroneous $147 County Tax Notice Helped Bring Tribes $200 Billion in Indian Gaming Revenue, by Kevin K. Washburn here

Amending the Exceptions Clause, by Joseph Blocher here

Property Rights and the Efficient Exploitation of Copyrighted Works: An Empirical Analysis of Public Domain and Copyrighted Fiction Bestsellers, by Paul J. Heald here

Beyond Incoherence: The Roberts Court’s Deregulatory Turn in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life, by Richard L. Hasen here

Usury Law, Payday Loans, and Statutory Sleight of Hand: Salience Distortion in American Credit Pricing Limits, by Christopher L. Peterson here

Note: Modernizing Medicare: Protecting America’s Most Vulnerable Patients from Predatory Health Care Marketing Through Accessible Legal Remedies, by Elizabeth C. Borer here

Note: BONGHiTS4JESUS.COM? Scrutinizing Public School Authority over Student Cyberspeech Through the Lens of Personal Jurisdiction, by Kyle W. Brenton here

Note: Capturing the Ghost: Expanding Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 to Solve Procedural Concerns with Ghostwriting, by Jeffrey P. Justman here


Minimum Wages and Low-Wage Workers: How Well Does Reality Match the Rhetoric?, by David Neumark and William Wascher here

Representing Low-Wage Workers in the Absence of a Class: The Peculiar Case of Section 16 of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Underenforcement of Minimum Labor Standards, by Craig Becker and Paul Strauss here

Counting What Matters: Privatization, People with Disabilities, and the Cost of Low-Wage Work, by Ellen Dannin here

The Publicization of Home-Based Care Work in State Labor Law, by Peggie R. Smith here

Remedies for Undocumented Noncitizens in the Workplace: Using International Law to Narrow the Holding of Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB, by David Weissbrodt here

Labor Law After Legalization, by Michael J. Wishnie here

How Wal-Mart Fights Unions, by Nelson Lichtenstein here

Preemption and Civic Democracy in the Battle over Wal-Mart, by Catherine L. Fisk and Michael M. Oswalt here

Note: A Mock Funeral for a First Amendment Double Standard: Containing Coercion in Secondary Labor Boycotts, by Dan Ganin here

Note: Toward a Robust Separation of Powers: Recapturing the Judiciary’s Role at Sentencing, by Hans H. Grong here


Claiming Innocence, by Brandon L. Garrett here

Adaptive Federalism: The Case Against Reallocating Environmental Regulatory Authority, by David E. Adelman and Kirsten H. Engel here