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Vol. 93 Print Issues


Essay: The Constitution in the National Surveillance State, by Jack M. Balkin here

The Rules Enabling Act and the Procedural-Substantive Tension: A Lesson in Statutory Interpretation, by Martin H. Redish and Dennis Murashko here

Fighting Women: The Military, Sex, and Extrajudicial Constitutional Change, by Jill Elaine Hasday here

Generous to a Fault? Fair Shares and Charitable Giving, by Miranda Perry Fleischer here

The Quiet Revolution Revived: Sustainable Design, Land Use Regulation, and the States, by Sara C. Bronin here

Note: Gagging on the First Amendment: Assessing Challenges to the Reauthorization Act’s Nondisclosure Provision, by Kyle Hawkins here

Note: The Gift That Keeps on Taking: How Federal Banking Laws Prevent States from Enforcing Gift Card Laws, by Y. Angela Lam here

Note: Removing the Judicial Gag Rule: A Proposal for Changing Judicial Speech Regulations to Encourage Public Discussion of Active Cases, by Michael D. Schoepf here


Essay: Protecting Financial Markets: Lessons from the Subprime Morgage Meltdown, by Steven L. Schwarcz here

The Child Protection Pretense: States’ Continued Consignment of Newborn Babies to Unfit Parents, by James G. Dwyer here

Horizontal Federalism, by Allan Erbsen here

Avalanche or Undue Alarm? An Empirical Study of Subpoenas Received by the News Media, by RonNell Andersen Jones here

The Mythical Divide Between Collateral and Direct Consequences of Criminal Convictions: Involuntary Commitment of “Sexually Violent Predators”, by Jenny Roberts here

Note: Blight and Its Discontents: Awarding Attorney’s Fees to Property Owners in Redevelopment Actions, by Noreen E. Johnson here

Note: When the Invention Is an Inventor: Revitalizing Patentable Subject Matter to Exclude Unpredictable Processes, by Peter M. Kohlhepp here


Reclaiming International Law from Extraterritoriality, by Austen L. Parrish here

Privatizing Ethics in Corporate Reorganizations, by A. Mechele Dickerson here

Natural Laws and Inevitable Infringement, by Alan L. Durham here

Do Courts Create Moral Hazard?: When Judges Nullify Employer Liability in Arbitrations, by Michael H. LeRoy here

Note: Prosecutorial Use of Forensic Science at Trial: When Is a Lab Report Testimonial?, by Joe Bourne here

Note: Presuming Innocence: Expanding the Confrontation Clause Analysis to Protect Children and Defendants in Child Sexual Abuse Prosecutions, by Anna Richey-Allen here

Note: Sweetening the Deal: Strengthening Transnational Bribery Laws Through Standard International Corporate Auditing Guidelines, by Timothy W. Schmidt here


The Myth of Self-Regulation, by Fred C. Zacharias here

Beyond the Article I Horizon: Congress’s Enumerated Powers and Universal Jurisdiction Over Drug Crimes, by Eugene Kontorovich here

Reason-Giving and Accountability, by Glen Staszewski here

Making Defendants Speak, by Ted Sampsell-Jones here

Note: Unexpected Consequences: The Constitutional Implications of Federal Prison Policy for Offenders Considering Abortion, by Claire Deason here

Note: Accepting Justice Kennedy’s Challenge: Reviving Race-Conscious School Assignments in the Wake of Parents Involved, by Charles E. Dickinson here


Foreword, by Jeffrey P. Justman here

Separation of Powers During the Forty-Fourth Presidency and Beyond, by Brett M. Kavanaugh here

Judicial Nominations in an Umpireless Game: Trusted Sources, a Complaint, and a Proposal, by Benjamin Wittes here

The Political Economy of Judging, by Thomas Brennan, Lee Epstein, and Nancy Staudt here

Dissents Against Type, by Ward Farnsworth here

Hear Me Roar: What Provokes Supreme Court Justices to Dissent from the Bench?, by Timothy R. Johnson, Ryan C. Black, and Eve M. Ringsmuth here

Shortcuts to Reform, by Heather K. Gerken here

Withdrawal: The Roberts Court and the Retreat from Election Law, by Ellen Katz here

Defacing Democracy?: The Changing Nature and Rising Importance of As-Applied Challenges in the Supreme Court’s Recent Election Law Decisions, by Nathaniel Persily and Jennifer S. Rosenberg here

Disappearing Districts: Minority Vote Dilution Doctrine as Politics, by Terry Smith here

The Fatally Flawed Theory of the Unbundled Executive, by Steven G. Calabresi and Nicholas Terrell here

The Accountable Executive, by Heidi Kitrosser here

Wartime Judgments of Presidential Power: Striking Down but Not Back, by William G. Howell here

Shaping Supreme Court Policy Through Appointments: The Impact of a New Justice, by Charles Cameron and Jee-Kwang Park, with Deborah Beim here

Note: Murder and the Military Commissions: Prohibiting the Executive’s Unauthorized Expansion of Jurisdiction, by Joseph C. Hansen here

Note: Native American Rape Victims: Desperately Seeking an Oliphant-Fix, by Marie Quasius here


Are Patents on Interfaces Impeding Interoperability?, by Pamela Samuelson here

Specific Performance and the Thirteenth Amendment, by Nathan B. Oman here

The Limits of Backlash: Assessing the Political Response to Kelo, by Ilya Somin here

The National Surveillance State: A Response to Balkin, by Orin S. Kerr here

Review Essay: How a Judge Thinks, by Michael J. Gerhardt here

Note: Defogging the Cloud: Applying Fourth Amendment Principles to Evolving Privacy Expectations in Cloud Computing, by David A. Couillard here

Note: Cramming Down the Housing Crisis: Amending 11 U.S.C. § 1322(b) to Protect Homeowners and Create a Sustainable Bankruptcy System, by Nina Liao here

Note: Inequitable-Conduct Doctrine Reform: Is the Death Penalty for Patents Still Appropriate?, by Nicole M. Murphy here