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Vol. 95 Print Issues


The Role of Dissenting Opinions, by Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg here

Strategic Enforcement, by Margaret H. Lemos and Alex Stein here

Dual Illegality and Geoambiguous Law: A New Rule for Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Law, by Jeffrey A. Meyer here

Anticompetitive Effect, by Hon. Richard D. Cudahy and Alan Devlin here

Administration By Treasury, by David Zaring here

Note: Meeting Boumediene′s Challenge: The Emergence of an Effective Habeas Jurisprudence and Obsolescence of New Detention Legislation, by Nathaniel H. Nesbitt here

Note: The Need for Review: Allowing Defendants to Appeal the Factual Basis of a Conviction After Pleading Guilty, by Steven Schmidt here

Note: Immunity for Vaccine Manufacturers: The Vaccine Act and Preemption of Design Defect Claims, by Eva B. Stensvad here


Impeachment and Assassination, by Josh Chafetz here

Adaptive Management in the Courts, by J.B. Ruhl and Robert L. Fischman here

Trading-Off Reproductive Technology and Adoption: Does Subsidizing IVF Decrease Adoption Rates and Should It Matter?, by I. Glenn Cohen and Daniel L. Chen here

The Visible Hand: Coordination Functions of the Regulatory State, by Robert B. Ahdieh here

Note: Defining Unpatented Article: Why Labeling Products with Expired Patent Numbers Should Not Be False Marking, by Laura Arneson here

Note: Relative Futility: Limits to Genetic Privacy Protection Because of the Inability to Prevent Disclosure of Genetic Information by Relatives, by Trevor Woodage here


Regulation in the Behavioral Era, by Michael P. Vandenbergh, Amanda R. Carrico, and Lisa Schultz Bressman here

Special Incentives to Sue, by Margaret H. Lemos here

Executive Compensation in the Courts: Board Capture, Optimal Contracting, and Officers’ Fiduciary Duties, by Randall S. Thomas and Harwell Wells here

On the Edge: Declining Marginal Utility and Tax Policy, by Sarah B. Lawsky here

Money Talks but It Isn’t Speech, by Deborah Hellman here

Note: Legitimate Absenteeism: The Unconstitutionality of the Caucus Attendance Requirement, by Heather R. Abraham here

Note: Rule 14a-11 and the Administrative Procedure Act: It’s Better to Have Had and Waived, than Never to Have Had at All, by Reed T. Schuster here

Note: The Cloying Use of Unallotment: Curbing Executive Branch Appropriation Reductions During Fiscal Emergencies, by Tyler J. Siewert here


Erie′s Suppressed Premise, by Michael Steven Green here

Constitutional Spaces, by Allan Erbsen here

Whose Claim Is This Anyway? Third-Party Litigation Funding, by Maya Steinitz here

The Role of the United States Supreme Court in Interpreting and Developing Humanitarian Law, by David Weissbrodt and Nathaniel H. Nesbitt here

Note: Hold Fast the Keys to the Kingdom: Federal Administrative Agencies and the Need for Brady Disclosure, by Justin Goetz here

Note: Turning Winners into Losers: Ponzi Scheme Avoidance Law and the Inequity of Clawbacks, by Karen E. Nelson here

Note: Expanding the Role of Trade Preference Programs, by Monica Patel here


Government Ethics and Bailouts: The Past, Present, and Future, by Nicole Elsasser Watson here

The Financial Crisis of 2008-2009: Capitalism Didn’t Fail, but the Metaphors Got a “C”, by Jeffrey M. Lipshaw here

Who Benefited from the Bailout?, by Jonathan G. Katz here

Fiduciary-Based Standards for Bailout Contractors: What the Treasury Got Right and Wrong in TARP, by Kathleen Clark here

Compromised Fiduciaries: Conflicts of Interest in Government and Business, by Claire Hill and Richard Painter here

Government Governance and the Need to Reconcile Government Regulation with Board Fiduciary Duties, by Lisa M. Fairfax here

Uncomfortable Embrace: Federal Corporate Ownership in the Midst of the Financial Crisis, by Steven M. Davidoff here

Dodd-Frank: Quack Federal Corporate Governance Round II, by Stephen M. Bainbridge here

Corporate Governance in an Age of Separation of Ownership from Ownership, by Usha Rodrigues here

Note: Insufficient Government Protection: The Inescapable Element in Domestic Violence Asylum Cases, by Elsa M. Bullard here

Note: The Problem with Waste: Delaware’s Lenient Treatment of Waste Claims at the Demand Stage of Derivative Litigation, by Jamie L. Kastler here

Note: Diversity Jurisdiction and Injunctive Relief: Using “Moving-Party Approach” to Value the Amount in Controversy, by Christopher A. Pinahs here


Privatization and the Sale of Tax Revenues, by Julie A. Roin here

Arrest Efficiency and the Fourth Amendment, by L. Song Richardson here

Children’s Constitutional Rights, by Anne C. Dailey here

Freedom of Testation / Freedom of Contract, by Adam J. Hirsch here

Note: Blowing Up the Pipes: The Use of (c)(4) to Dismantle Campaign Finance Reform, by Cory G. Kalanick here

Note: UNCLOS, but No Cigar: Overcoming Obstacles to the Prosecution of Maritime Piracy, by Ryan P. Kelley here

Note: When Sosa Meets Iqbal: Plausibility Pleading in Human Rights Litigation, by Jordan D. Shepherd here