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Vol. 96 Print Issues


Essay: Substantive Equality: A Perspective, by Catharine A. MacKinnon here

Tort Law and the American Economy, by Frank B. Cross here

Rights for Sale, by Tsilly Dagan and Talia Fisher here

Beyond Crime and Commitment: Justifying Liberty Deprivations of the Dangerous and Responsible, by Kimberly Kessler Ferzan here

Public Choice and International Law Compliance: The Executive Branch Is a “They,” Not an “It”, by Neomi Rao here

Note: Combating Joint Ventures in Suppression: Taking Inventory of the Legal Arsenal, by Daniel J. Iden here

Note: Who Are They to Judge?: The Constitutionality of Delegations by Courts to Probation Officers, by Mark Thomson here

Note: The Sartorial Dilemma of Knockoffs: Protecting Moral Rights without Disturbing the Fashion Dynamic, by Margaret E. Wade here


Successor Liability, by John H. Matheson here

Regulating Reproduction: The Problem with Best Interests, by I. Glenn Cohen here

Judicial Review of Judicial Lawmaking, by Amnon Lehavi here

Conundrum, by Derek E. Bambauer here

Note: Tortured Language: “Individuals,” Corporate Liability, and the Torture Victim Protection Act, by Brad Emmons here

Note: Federalism in Bankruptcy: Relocating the Doctrine of Substantive Consolidation, by R. Benjamin Hanna here

Note: In Deep Water: A Common Law Solution to the Bulk Water Export Problem, by Elise L. Larson here


Veblen Brands, by Jeremy N. Sheff here

Conviction Without Conviction, by Talia Fisher here

The Interagency Marketplace, by Jason Marisam here

Waiving Innocence, by Samuel R. Wiseman here

A Shareholders’ Put Option: Counteracting the Acquirer Overpayment Problem, by Afra Afsharipour here

Note: Armchair Jury Consultants: The Legal Implications and Benefits of Online Research of Prospective Jurors in the Facebook Era, by Adam J. Hoskins here

Note: Making Pesticides Public: A Disclosure-Based Approach to Regulating Pesticide Use, by Brian Jacobson here

Note: Class Certification as a Prerequisite for CAFA Jurisdiction, by Kevin Lampone here


Beyond Best Interests, by I. Glenn Cohen here

That’s Not Discrimination: American Beliefs and the Limits of Anti-Discrimination Law, by Katie R. Eyer here

When Copyright Law and Science Collide: Empowering Digitally Integrated Research Methods on a Global Scale, by Jerome H. Reichman and Ruth L. Okediji here

Lawyers, Not Widgets: Why Private-Sector Attorneys Must Unionize to Save the Legal Profession, by Melissa Mortazavi here

Note: What Have I Opted Myself Into? Resolving the Uncertain Status of Opt-In Plaintiffs Prior to Conditional Certification in Fair Labor Standards Act Litigation, by Carl Engstrom here

Note: Daubert Rises: The (Re)applicability of the Daubert Factors to the Scope of Forensics Testimony, by Geoffrey M. Pipoly here

Note: Dissent Without Disloyalty: Expanding the Free Speech Rights of Military Members Under the “General Articles” of the UCMJ, by Jason Steck here


Super PACs, by Richard Briffault here

Matching Political Contributions, by Spencer Overton here

Lessons Learned: Political Advertising and Political Law, by Kenneth Goldstein, David A. Schweidel, and Mike Wittenwyler here

Donor Disclosure: Undermining the First Amendment, by Cleta Mitchell here

Note: Ugly on the Inside: An Argument for a Narrow Interpretation of Employer Defenses to Appearance Discrimination, by Mila Gumin here

Note: What “Being a Watchdog” Really Means: Removing the Attorney General from the Supervision of Charitable Trusts, by Kelly McNabb here

Note: Plausible Defenses: Historical, Plain Meaning, and Public Policy Arguments for Applying Iqbal and Twombly to Affirmative Defenses, by Matthew J.M. Pelikan here


An Immigration Crisis in a Nation of Immigrants: Why Amending the Fourteenth Amendment Won’t Solve Our Problems, by Alberto R. Gonzales here

Which Law Governs During Armed Conflict? The Relationship Between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law, by Oona A. Hathaway, Rebecca Crootof, Philip Levitz, Haley Nix, William Perdue, Chelsea Purvis, and Julia Spiegel here

In Defense of Judicial Empathy, by Thomas B. Colby here

New Evidence on Appeal, by Jeffrey C. Dobbins here

Copyright Exhaustion and the Personal Use Dilemma, by Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz here

Too Much for Too Little: The Restatement’s Measure of Damages Where the Trustee Sells a Trust Asset for an Insufficient Price, by Richard Thomson here

Note: Juveniles Locked in Limbo: Why Pretrial Detention Implicates a Fundamental Right, by Shana Conklin here

Note: Loaded Questions: A Suggested Constitutional Framework for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, by Reid Golden here