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Vol. 97 Print Issues


How Business Fares in the Supreme Court, by Lee Epstein, William M. Landes, and Richard A. Posner here

Notice-and-Comment Sentencing, by Richard A. Bierschbach and Stephanos Bibas here

Patent Law’s Audience, by Mark D. Janis and Timothy R. Holbrook here

Forum Competition and Choice of Law Competition in Securities Law After Morrison v. National Australia Bank, by Wulf A. Kaal and Richard W. Painter here

The Political Economy of Climate Change Winners, by J.B. Ruhl here

Note: Judicial Review of SEC Rules: Managing the Costs of Cost-Benefit Analysis, by Rachel A. Benedict here

Note: It Can Do More Than Protect Your Credit Score: Regulating Social Media, by Nathan J. Ebnet here

Note: Warrantless Search Cases Are Really All the Same, by Will Stancil here


The Use and Abuse of Special-Purpose Entities in Public Finance, by Steven L. Schwarcz here

Technological Leap, Statutory Gap, and Constitutional Abyss: Remote Biometric Identification Comes of Age, by Laura K. Donohue here

Water Bankruptcy, by Christine Klein here

Originalism and Political Ignorance, by Ilya Somin here

Note: Jurisprudential Innovation or Accountability Avoidance? The International Criminal Court and Proposed Expansion of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, by Kristen Rau here

Note: Stifled Justice: The Unauthorized Practice of Law and Internet Legal Resources, by Mathew Rotenberg here


Does International Law Matter?, by Shima Baradaran, Michael Findley, Daniel Nielson, and J.C. Sharman here

Our Partisan Foreign Affairs Constitution, by Jide Nzelibe here

Branding Privacy, by Paul Ohm here

The Presumption of Patentability, by Sean B. Seymore here

Note: First Amendment and the Right to Lie: Regulating Knowingly False Campaign Speech After United States v. Alvarez, by Staci Lieffring here

Note: Up or Out: Why “Sufficiently Reliable” Statistical Risk Assessment Is Appropriate at Sentencing and Inappropriate at Parole, by Pari McGarraugh here

Note: Going Back in Time: The Search for Retroactive Rulemaking Power in Statutory Deadlines, by Chris Schmitter here


Inflammatory Speech: Offense Versus Incitement, by Alexander Tsesis here

Reclaiming Equality to Reframe Indigent Defense Reform, by Lauren Sudeall Lucas here

The Duty to Capture, by Jens David Ohlin here

State Enforcement of National Policy: A Contextual Approach (with Evidence from the Securities Realm), by Amanda M. Rose here

Response: The Social and Cultural Aspects of Climate Change Winners, by Robin Kundis Craig here

Note: Healthy Compromise: Reconciling Wellness Program Financial Incentives with Health Reform, by Heather Baird here

Note: Death by Arugula: How Soil Contamination Stunts Urban Agriculture, and What the Law Should Do About It, by Steven A. Platt here


Foreword, by Tom Pryor here

When Common Wisdom Is Neither Common nor Wisdom: Exploring Voters’ Limited Use of Endorsements on Three Ballot Measures, by Craig M. Burnett and Mathew D. McCubbins here

The Political Morality of Voting in Direct Democracy, by Michael Serota and Ethan J. Leib here

Interpreting Initiatives, by Michael D. Gilbert here

Campaign Finance in the Hybrid Realm of Recall Elections, by Elizabeth Garrett here

Campaign Disclosure in Direct Democracy, by Michael Kang here

Direct Democracy and Campaigns Against Minorities, by Todd Donovan here

When Is It OK to Limit Direct Democracy?, by Shaun Bowler here

Are State Constitutions Constitutional?, by Timothy M. Tymkovich here

Note: Disrupting the Pickering Balance: First Amendment Protections for Teachers in the Digital Age, by Emily McNee here

Note: Turner v. Rogers, the Right to Counsel, and the Deficiencies of Mathews v. Eldridge, by Tom Pryor here


Religion’s Footnote Four: Church Autonomy as Arbitration, by Michael A. Helfand here

Health Law as Disability Rights Law, by Jessica L. Roberts here

Mind, Body, and the Criminal Law, by Francis X. Shen here

Protecting Property Through Politics: State Legislative Checks and Judicial Takings, by Stephanie Stern here

Rage Against the Machine: A Reply to Professors Bierschbach and Bibas, by Erik Luna here

It’s the Reply, Not the Comment: Observations About the Bierschbach and Bibas Proposal, by Ronald F. Wright here

Note: New Solutions to the Age-Old Problem of Private-Sector Bribery, by Sarah Clark here

Note: Ensuring Equal Access: Rethinking Enforcement of Medicaid’s Equal Access Provision, by Anne M. Dwyer here

Note: If It’s in the Game, Is It in the Game?: Examining League-Wide Licensing Agreements After American Needle, by Talon Powers here

Note: Challenging the Plausibility Standard Under the Rules Enabling Act, by Edwin W. Stockmeyer here