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Vol. 98 Print Issues


Greeting the Future with an Outstretched Hand, by President William J. Clinton here

The Right to Quantitative Privacy, by David Gray and Danielle Citron here

eHearsay, by Jeffrey Bellin here

The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Water Contamination: A Regulatory Strategy, by Thomas W. Merrill & David M. Schizer here

The Merchants of Wall Street: Banking, Commerce, and Commodities, by Saule T. Omarova here

Genetically Modified Food Fight: The FDA Should Step Up to the Regulatory Plate so States Do Not Cross the Constitutional Line, by Morgan Anderson Helme here

Note: Moving Past Preemption: Enhancing the Power of Local Governments over Hydraulic Fracturing, by Rachel A. Kitze here

Note: That’s My Baby: Why the State’s Interest in Promoting Public Health Does Not Justify Residual Newborn Blood Spot Research Without Parental Consent, by Allison M. Whelan here


Speech, Citizenry, and the Market: A Corporate Public Figure Doctrine, by Deven R. Desai here

Tattoos & IP Norms, by Aaron Perzanowski here

Casual Ostracism: Jury Exclusion on the Basis of Criminal Convictions, by Anna Roberts here

Government Nonendorsement, by Nelson Tebbe here

Note: Blocking Blocks at the Border: Examining Standard-Essential Patent Litigation Between Domestic Companies at the ITC, by Matthew Norris here

Note: Amending Title VII to Safeguard the Viability of Retaliation Claims, by Brandon Wheeler here

Note: What’s My Age Again? The Immigrant Age Problem in the Criminal Justice System, by Ross Pearson here


Making Patents Useful, by Sean B. Seymore here

Crowdsourcing Clinical Trials, by Jonathan J. Darrow here

Speech Engines, by James Grimmelmann here

Beyond One Voice, by David H. Moore here

Note: Particulars of Particularity: Alleging Scienter and the Proper Application of Rule 9(b) to Duty-Based Misrepresentations, by Morwenna Borden here

Note: Recognition of Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships as Marriages in Same-Sex Marriage States, by Inga Nelson here

Note: A Step in the Right Direction: Patent Damages and the Elimination of the Entire Market Value Rule, by Jaimeson Fedell here


Spillover Across Remedies, by Michael Coenen here

Substituted Compliance and Systemic Risk: How to Make a Global Market in Derivatives Regulation, by Sean J. Griffith here

Family Assimilation Demands and Sexual Minority Youth, by Orly Rachmilovitz here

Slutwalking in the Shadow of the Law, by Deborah Tuerkheimer here

Note: That’s Not on the Table: Why Employers Should Pay for the Walk from the Locker Room to the Work Station, by Emily E. Mawer here

Note: Status Update: Adapting the Stored Communications Act to a Modern World, by Jake Vandelist here

Note: Changing Course to Navigate the Patent Safe Harbor Post-Momenta, by Emily M. Wessels here


“Easy In, Easy Out”: A Future for U.S. Workplace Representation, by Samuel Estreicher here

Trilogy Redux: Using Arbitration to Rebuild the Labor Movement, by Ann C. Hodges here

Labor’s Soft Means and Hard Challenges: Fundamental Discrepancies and the Promise of Non-Binding Arbitration for International Framework Agreements, by César F. Rosado Marzán here

Whither Wagner? Reconsidering Labor Law and Policy Reform, by Sara Slinn here

Less Is More: A Case for Structural Reform of the National Labor Relations Board, by Zev J. Eigen & Sandro Garofalo here

Keynote Address: The Pattern of Union Decline, Economic and Political Consequences, and the Puzzle of a Legislative Response, by Craig Becker here

Compliance of the United States with International Labor Law, by David Weissbrodt & Matthew Mason here

Guns, Firms, and Zeal: Deconstructing Labor-Management Relations and U.S. Employment Policy, by Philip A. Miscimarra here

Boeing, the IAM, and the NLRB: Why U.S. Labor Law Is Failing, by Julius G. Getman here

Note: State Sexual Harassment Definitions and Disaggregation of Sex Discrimination Claims, by Eleanor Frisch here

Note: Oh the Places Stockholders Will Go! A Guide for Navigating Forum Selection Bylaws Outside of Delaware, by Stephanna F. Szotkowski here

Note: Death and Taxes: The Crushing Tax Burden After a Student Loan Is Discharged Due to Death of a Student, by Terran Chambers here


National Security and the Constitution: A Conversation Between Walter F. Mondale and Robert A. Stein, by Walter F. Mondale, Robert A. Stein, & Monica C. Fahnhorst here

Exposed, by Derek E. Bambauer here

Entrapped: A Reconceptualization of the Obedience to Orders Defense, by Monu Bedi here

The Incidental Regulation of Policing, by Seth W. Stoughton here

A Theory for Deliberation-Oriented Stress Testing Regulation, by Robert Weber here

Crowdsourcing Public Health Experiments: A Response to Jonathan Darrow’s Crowdsourcing Clinical Trials, by Ameet Sarpatwari, Christopher T. Robertson, David V. Yokum & Keith Joiner here

How Many Wrongs Make a Copyright?, by Rebecca Tushnet here

Note: HIPAA-Cratic or HIPAA-Critical: U.S. Privacy Protections Should Be Guaranteed By Covered Entities Working Abroad, by Grace Fleming here

Note: Confronting Victims: Why the Statements of Young Victims of Heinous Crimes Must Still Be Subject to Cross-Examination, by Joseph Meyer here

Note: Legislating Corporate Social Responsibility: Expanding Social Disclosure Through the Resource Extraction Disclosure Rule, by Thea Reilkoff here

Note: Maneuvering the Headwinds Facing Offshore Wind Development in the Great Lakes: Amending the Coastal Zone Management Act, by Sarah Schenck here