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Vol. 99 Print Issues


A Conversation Between Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Professor Robert A. Stein here

A Corporate Right to Privacy, by Elizabeth Pollman here

Law’s Remarkable Failure to Protect Mistakenly Overpaid Employees, by Jim Hawkins here

Law at the End of War, by Deborah N. Pearlstein here

The Death of Tax Court Exceptionalism, by Stephanie Hoffer & Christopher J. Walker here

Truthiness: Corporate Public Figures and the Problem of Harmful Truths, by Ashutosh Bhagwat here (a response to Deven Desai’s article)

Note: Suppressing Evidence in Immigration Proceedings: The Need for a Lenient Egregiousness Standard and Rebellious Lawyering, by Mikaela A. Devine here

Note: The Separate Spheres Ideology: An Improved Empirical and Litigation Approach to Family Responsibilities Discrimination, by Andrea L. Miller here

Note: A Manageable Solution with Meaningful Results: Illuminating IRS Enforcement of § 501(c)(3)’s Prohibition on Political Intervention, by Julia D. Zwak here


Death Delayed Is Retribution Denied, by Russell L. Christopher here

Unpacking Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), by Christopher A. Cotropia, Jay P. Kesan, & David L. Schwartz here

Bondholders and Securities Class Actions, by James J. Park here

More Is More: Strengthening Free Exercise, Speech, and Association, by John D. Inazu here

Disclosing Big Data, by Michael Mattioli here

Note: Treating the Disease or Punishing the Criminal? Effectively Using Drug Court Sanctions To Treat Substance Use Disorder and Decrease Criminal Conduct, by Caitlinrose Fisher here

Note: Fine-Tuning the Tax Whistleblower Statute: Why Qui-tam Is Not a Solution, by Sung Woo “Matt” Hu here

Note: Your Local Solar Panel Store: Developing State Laws To Encourage Third-Party Power Purchase Agreements and Distributed Generation, by Sam D. Bolstad here


Choice-of-Law as Non-Constitutional Federal Law, by Mark D. Rosen here

The Constitutional Limit of Zero Tolerance in Schools, by Derek W. Black here

Reconceptualizing Non-Article III Tribunals, by Jaime Dodge here

The Green Option, by Gideon Parchomovsky and Endre Stavang here

Note: When Volunteers Become Employees: Using a Threshold-Remuneration Test Informed by the Fair Labor Standards Act To Distinguish Employees from Volunteers, by Emily Bodtke here

Note: Treating Adults Like Children: Re-Sentencing Adult Juvenile Lifers After Miller v. Alabama, by Brianna H. Boone here

Note: Stimulating Dialogue Between the Courts and Congress: Sprucing Up the “Statutory Housekeeping” Project, by Jeff Simard, here


Resurrecting Trial by Statistics, by Jay Tidmarsh here

When is HIV a Crime? Sexuality, Gender, and Consent, by Kim Shayo Buchanan here

Structural Reform Litigation in American Police Departments, by Stephen Rushin here

Duress as Rent-Seeking, by Mark Seidenfeld & Murat C. Mungan here

Note: Knowledge Is Power: How Implementing Affirmative Disclosures Under the JOBS Act Could Promote and Protect Benefit Corporations and Their Investors, by Laura A. Farley here

Note: Beating the Odds: The Public Policy of Drug Efficacy and Safety, by Noah Lewellen here

Note: A Chilling Experience: An Analysis of the Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Egg Freezing, and a Contractual Solution, by Alicia J. Paller here


Foreword, by Carla J. Virlee here

Substituting Effective Community Supervision for Incarceration, by Mark A.R. Kleiman here

What Are We Hoping For? Defining Purpose in Deterrence-Based Correctional Programs, by Cecelia Klingele here

HOPE Probation and the New Drug Court: A Powerful Combination, by Judge Steven S. Alm here

The Burdens of Leniency: The Changing Face of Probation, by Ronald P. Corbett, Jr. here

The Economic Rehabilitation of Offenders: Recommendations of the Model Penal Code (Second), by Kevin R. Reitz here

The Benefits and Costs of Economic Sanctions: Considering the Victim, the Offender, and Society, by R. Barry Ruback here

Improving Economic Sanctions in the States, by Jessica M. Eaglin here

Piling On: Collateral Consequences and Community Supervision, by Christopher Uggen & Robert Stewart here

Civil Death in Modern Times: Reconsidering Felony Disenfranchisement in Minnesota, by Mark Haase here

Note: The Case Against Self-Representation in Capital Proceedings, by Max S. Meckstroth here

Note: Inter Partes Review: Ensuring Effective Patent Litigation Through Estoppel, by Ann E. Motl here

Note: No Longer Available: Critiquing the Contradictory Ways Courts Treat Exclusive Arbitration Forum Clauses when the Forum Can No Longer Arbitrate, by Nicole Wanlass here


Good Faith and Fair Dealing as an Underenforced Legal Norm, by Paul MacMahon here

Should Agencies Enforce?, by Max Minzner here

Sue To Adapt?, by Jacqueline Peel & Hari M. Osofsky here

Strengthening Federalism: The Uniform State Law Movement in the United States, by Robert A. Stein here

Privacy and Organizational Persons, by Eric W. Orts & Amy Sepinwall here

Note: Clarifying the Standards for Personal Jurisdiction in Light of Growing Transactions on the Internet: The Zippo Test and Pleading of Personal Jurisdiction, by Annie Soo Yeon Ahn here

Note: Bad Blood: An Examination of the Constitutional Deficiencies of the FDA’s “Gay Blood Ban”, by Mathew L. Morrison here