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Volume 103 Headnotes: Fall Issue

The Other Trade War

by Kathleen Claussen

Full essay here.

Les Bleus and Black: A Football Elegy to French Colorblindness

by Khaled A. Beydoun

Full essay here.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in Higher Education: How Lawyers Should Assist Universities in Fortifying Ethical Infrastructure

by Susan Saab Fortney

Full essay here.

The SAFE, the KISS, and the Note: A Survey of Startup Seed Financing Contracts

by John F. Coyle & Joseph M. Green

Full essay here.

Taking it to the Limit: Shifting U.S. Antitrust Policy Toward Standards Development

by Jorge Contreras

Full essay here.

Aesthetic Play and Bad Intent

by Andrew Jensen Kerr

Full essay here.