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Volume 107 Headnotes: Fall Issue

Volume 107: Fall Issue

“What Has Always Been True”: The Washington Supreme Court Decides That Seizure Law Must Account for Racial Disparity in Policing

By Aliza Hochman Bloom

Full essay here.

Antitrust Reformers Should Consider the Consequences of Mandatory Treble Damages: What the Admonition Against Putting New Wine in Old Wineskins Can Teach Us About Antitrust Reform

By Henry J. Hauser, Tiffany L. Lee, and Thomas G. Krattenmaker

Full essay here.

Term Limits and Embracing a Political Supreme Court

By Guha Krishnamurthi

Full essay here.

A Century of Business in the Supreme Court, 1920–2020

By Lee Epstein and Mitu Gulati

Full essay here.

Handling the Mayo Powder Keg: Emphasizing Preemption in § 101 Biotechnology Inquiries

By Zachary M. Robole

Full essay here.