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Volume 105 Headnotes: Spring Issue

Entrenched Racial Hierarchy: Educational Inequality from the Cradle to the LSAT

By Kevin Woodson

Full article here. 

An Overlooked Dimension to OIRA Review of Tax Regulatory Actions

By Kristin E. Hickman

Full essay here.

The Rule of Reason as a Discovery Procedure: A Response to Ramsi Woodcock’s Hidden Rules of a Modern Antitrust

By Geoffrey A. Manne.

Full essay here. 

Winning What’s Owed: A Litigative Approach to Reparations

By Daniel P. Suitor

Full essay here.

States, the Final Frontier: How Minnesota’s State Constitution Can Serve as New Ammunition in the Fight Against Prison Gerrymandering

By Meredith Gingold.

Full essay here. 

The Influence of Alice: A Response to Jay P. Kesan & Runhua Wang’s Eligible Subject Matter at the Patent Office: An Empirical Study of the Influence of Alice on Patent Examiners and Patent Applicants

By Daryl Lim.

Full essay here.

In trust, data

By Keith Porcaro.

Full essay here.

Completing the Quantum of Evidence: A Response to Daniel Capra and Liesa Richter’s Evidentiary Irony and the Incomplete Rule of Completeness

By Edward K. Cheng and Brooke Bowerman

Full essay here.

AI Patents and the Self-Assembling Machine

By Dan L. Burk

Full essay here.

This is Minnesota: An Analysis of Disparities in Black Student Enrollment at the University of Minnesota Law School and the Effects of Systemic Barriers to Black Representation in the Law

By Maleah Riley-Brown, Samia Osman, Justice C. Shannon, Yemaya Hanna, Brandie Burris, Tony Sanchez, and Joshua Cottle

Full essay here.

Reproducing Race in an Era of Reckoning

By Dov Fox

Full essay here.