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Volume 108 - Issue 6

Volume 105 Headnotes: Spring Issue

Entrenched Racial Hierarchy: Educational Inequality from the Cradle to the LSAT By Kevin Woodson Full article here.  An Overlooked Dimension to OIRA Review of Tax Regulatory Actions By Kristin E. Hickman Full essay here. The Rule of Reason as a Discovery Procedure: A Response to Ramsi Woodcock’s Hidden Rules of a Modern Antitrust By Geoffrey A.…

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Volume 105 Headnotes: Fall Issue

Bostock, LGBT Discrimination, and the Subtractive Moves By Andrew Koppelman Full essay here. Nonessential Businesses and Liability Waivers in the Time of COVID-19 By Zahra Takhshid Full essay here. Case-Linked Jurisdiction and Busybody States By Howard M. Erichson, John C.P. Goldberg, and Benjamin C. Zipursky Full essay here. Reconstruction in Legal Theory By George Rutherglen Full essay here.…

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