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Volume 105 - Special Joint Issue

Correction of Monumental Judicial Malpractice: The Case for Clearing Secessionist and Slaveholding Symbols of “Justice” from the Courthouse

By Michael J. Pastrick, Esq. Full Text. This Article illustrates the reasoning behind why historical figures who engaged in or supported slavery and segregation in the United States cannot symbolize justice today, and calls on courts to replace such antiquated figures to better symbolize equal justice for all.

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Entrenched Racial Hierarchy: Educational Inequality from the Cradle to the LSAT

By Kevin Woodson. Full Text. For my contribution to this special issue of the Minnesota Law Review, I will attempt to situate the problem of black underrepresentation at America’s law schools within the broader context of racial hierarchy in American society. The former has generated an extensive body of legal scholarship and commentary, centering primarily…

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This is Minnesota: An Analysis of Disparities in Black Student Enrollment at the University of Minnesota Law School and the Effects of Systemic Barriers to Black Representation in the Law

By: Maleah Riley-Brown, Samia Osman, Justice C. Shannon, Yemaya Hanna, Brandie Burris, Tony Sanchez, and Joshua Cottle. Full Text. Correction: Upon release, this Article stated in Table 2 that enrollment of students of color in the first-year class totaled 45 students, making up 21.32 percent of the first-year class. This number was in error; the…

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